Do a discussion on Post Mentoring

Do a discussion on Post Mentoring

Discussion Board Post 600 word post
1. Choosing the “right” mentor is critical to one’s long term success in life.  Mentors assist us in determining what it takes to be successful in one’s chosen vocation, academic program, or in reaching a short or long term goal. Week 6, 7, 8 Discussion – 2. How do you go about locating a
mentor?  How do you know if a mentor is right for you? What are some important
characteristics (strengths/weaknesses) you should look for in potential mentors?  How
could a mentor assist you in achieving your current academic and career goals related
to the DSL program?  Pages
2. There is no better time than now to begin thinking about the Applied Research
Project, required at the end of the DSL.  What topic(s) are you considering for
the project, and why? What questions do you have about the project?  What
resources will help you be successful in completing this final assignment?
3. Based on your experience(s) in this course…please address each of the
questions below:

How has your perspective of the DSL changed since the beginning
of the term? How, or why?
What are some surprising things you learned this term, why?
What are three important things you take away from the course that
will aid you in being successful in the DSL program?
What worked or didn’t work in helping you learn this term, why?
What would help next time?
How well did you manage your time this term, and how could you

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