Do a reflection paper of your choice

Do a reflection paper of your choice

The Reading Forum is informal: it is a cross between a journal reflection and a conversation. I rarely assign tasks, especially written tasks, that have no real audience (other than the instructor as a grader).activity 10. There's little motivation for writers to write with no
audience and/or no purpose, so why we would assign writing that has neither? In these
Reading Forums (Fora), we are all your interested readers. And please read through the
rubric and exemplar in the activity just following this.
Use this common classroom heuristic when composing your response: make a text-to-
text-, text-to-self, and/or text-to-world connection) and please address the major topics
and concepts (provided for you below) this week:
(Links to an external site.)
–Why is learning and correctly pronouncing a student’s name so important?
–Why does it matter what we call students who are emergent bilinguals?
–What, if anything, surprised you about the Illinois and federal laws this week? How
often do you think that, as a teacher, you might have to explain these laws to
colleagues? Neighbors?
–Have you experienced learner-centered teaching or teacher-centered teaching in your
own school experiences?
–What will you take away with you from Chicken Pox with regard to comprehensible
input (how will you make input comprehensible for students) and student engagement
(how will you have 100% of your students participating in class?).
In the Weekly Reading Forum, connect with your own experiences and questions. Feel
free to pose questions as well. Respond to two other colleagues in the class. Please
find ways to bring your own experiences in and insights from classrooms in which you
have been a learner or a teacher.

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