Do an essay on Academic Writing Difficulties

Do an essay on Academic Writing Difficulties

1- this work is very very important to my I need to pass this summer class. My prof is very strict. Please focus in the quality of the writing, grammar structure, supporting ideas, provide evidence and citations, connecting between paragraphs and coherence. academic_writing_modification[1_1] 1.  the pages number and time are not important for me
2- what I need? I want you to write a literature review about academic writing in 5
pages I have attached my outline for what I want specifically – see the attached word
3- PLEASE when you finish my work do not post it on the website page or share
anyone and PLEASE No plagiarism or copy and paste

you can use any textbooks or articles or studies online. Also, i will attach some
studies that may help you to write the literature review. But as you see all of them
recent 2016 then after … – see attached folder

Answer Preview…………

APA 1896 words

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