Do an essay on Servant Class City

Do an essay on Servant Class City

Here is the link for the reading: https://www.jstor.org/stable/10.5749/j.ctt1d9nhtq
For this module reading of David Karjanen's chapters in the Servant Class City, I want you to think in the urban scale and household scale as we did in Of Kites and Borders in
Tijuana but this time in San Diego where the book is based. Servant Class City You know this city so bring up examples that relate to class materials!
I want you to think about what does it mean to dwell and work in cities that relate to its
inhabitants as consumer-citizens. I want to think about Raymond and how close or far
away from his experiences you feel your life in SD is. I want you to think about tourism
and retail industries in SD.
My questions:
Chapter 1 Intro
Who are the working poor/urban poor according to the reading?
What is a servant class city?
What are the two SD that the author refers to? can you give me examples of these two
SD from your won perspective?
Why does Karjanen situate urban revitalization as the cause of the proliferation of the
servant classes?
Chapter 5
What is the informal economy?
What is informal work?
Why do you think the author says that "informal work is both marginal and integral to the
unequal urban economy" (p-153) Can you give me some examples from the reading or
from your own experience?

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