Doctoral Discussion Question 2 Parts

Part 1

A sustainable system is considered a living system that operates in a way that it does not use up resources more quickly than they can be naturally replenished. Identify three ways an organization can develop a sustainable system structure. Discuss the benefits of using one over another.

Part 2

What is chaos theory? Why is it prudent to build
complex systems using a series of simple steps?

Parts need to be labeled as part 1 and 2 or A and B

200 words each part

Refs n cite





preview of the answer..

Businesses enterprises are adopting and implementing strategies that ensures the activities involved in the generation of economic benefits for all stakeholders does not adversely affect present and future human and natural resources needed to generate it. To achieve the goal of enhancing and sustaining the demands of corporate survival, organizations must depend, in addition to financial and physical resources, human and natural resources. Sustainable systems …

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