Does medicine make a difference with someone diagnosed with schizophrenia?

Does medicine make a difference with someone diagnosed with schizophrenia?

Research Question: Does medicine make a difference with someone diagnosed with schizophrenia?


Mixed methods are a method used when a research design used both quantitative and qualitative data to answer a particular question or set of questions. However, there is also something called multi methods, which refers to combining two or more qualitative methods, or by using two or more quantitative methods (Hesse-Biber 2010) . There are a few different mixed methods which include explanatory, exploratory, triangulation, and parallel.


With our question and the scientific method, we then need to research the topic by using one of the methods, test it, analyze the data, then draw from the data to make conclusions. When it comes to qualitative there is either ethnography, phenomenology, grounded theory, narrative, or participatory action research. If I were to use qualitative methods, I would use grounded theory. Grounded Theory is defined as a strategy of inquiry in which the researcher derives a general, abstract theory of a process, action or interaction grounded in the views of the participants. The process involves multiple stages of data collection and the refinement and interrelationship of categories of information. Grounded theory has a primary purpose, and that is to develop a theory and the theory is based on data obtained from the field. If used correctly, this theory can create an understanding of core processes central to that change (Arya Priya 2016).


With quantitative there is pretest-posttest control group, posttest-only control group, and Solomon four-group. If I were to choose a quantitative method I would chose The Solomon four-group design. This is a design that takes into account the influence of pretesting on posttest results. Participants are randomly divided into four groups and each group experiences a different combination of experimental manipulations. One group will receive a pretest, the treatment, and a posttest. Another group will receive only the treatment and posttest. The third group will receive the pretest, no treatment, and a posttest. And lastly, the fourth group receives only a posttest. The best part about this test, is that with using the pretest-posttest design, this reduces the influence on confounds and it can pinpoint whether changes in the dependent variable are due to some interaction effect between the pretest and the treatment (American Psychological Association n.d). I believe that this method would be the dominant method for my study.


I think that the use of mixed methods however would be the best way to study my topic. If we were able to take both the grounded theory method from qualitative, and Solomon four-group from quantitative, this would give us the best possible results. Bringing in another design rather than one, is not just to prove a point. But to get even more data and have another way to test our theory to get the most accurate results.


When it comes to ethical principles, all of the same ethics would apply. There would be implied informed consent, confidentiality, and the ability to back out or withdraw from the study whenever the individual felt the need to.



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These are the questions to answer in response to the post:

Comment on the suitability of your peer’s explanation(s) of his or her topic with regard to research design. Regardless of your peer’s choice of design, explain whether or not you believe a mixed methods design is called for to research this topic. If your peer has chosen a mixed methods design, explain whether or not you believe it is the most appropriate mixed methods design to address the research question. Identify other design option(s), besides the one you selected for your own post, you would recommend to study the proposed research question. Review the ethical issues your colleague raised in his or her post and suggest other issues which he or she should consider when conducting this research

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