Two-week-old Tabitha has infant respiratory distress syndrome. Eighty-year-old Anthony has emphysema

Please answer ONE of the following DQ’s


Please answer ONE of the following DQ’s. Please provide the questions that is being answered as the heading. Incomplete answers will be marked as “0.”

Chapter 35

Two-week-old Tabitha has infant respiratory distress syndrome. Eighty-year-old Anthony has emphysema, and 50-year-old Jenny has pulmonary fibrosis.

a. Why are the mechanics of breathing greatly compromised in all these cases?

Chapter 36

Sixty-year-old Philip has been having difficulty catching his breath for about 2 months. He finds he gets shortness of breath even when resting. He has also been spitting up blood and has a wet cough and is hoarse. He states that he has had chest pain off and on, but now it has become more severe. He describes it as central chest pain. Philip was treated for a basal cell carcinoma of his upper lip 12 months ago, and he has been a heavy smoker for 40years.

a. As the nurse about to care for Philip, what things would you consider in this case?

Chapter 37

A 67-year-old female patient presents to the emergency room you work at complaining of shortness of breath and pain on the right side of her chest. Upon auscultation of the lung field during the physical exam, you note flatness and diminished breath sounds over the right lung. Her temperature is 101.3°F.

a. What are possible causes of her symptoms and what tests might you expect to be ordered to determine the specific cause of this patient’s symptoms? Why?

b. This patient’s husband tells you he does not understand why she feels short of breath. How might you explain to him the lung physiology that underlies her symptoms?


Answer Preview………..

In the first case, Tabitha has a condition that is known as respiratory distress syndrome. The condition is mainly observed among infants whose lungs and respiratory system has not fully developed. An infant who is two weeks old is highly susceptible to suffer from the condition if a proper environment is not provided for him or her. The condition is caused by deficiency in something known as the lung surfactant (Burki, 2014). These surfactants are produced in lung cells which are specialized to make the production of these cells………

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