analyze your favorite (or least favorite) play or movie (400 words)

Dramatic Structure

Dramatic Structure Assignment

analyze your favorite (or least favorite) play or movie (400 words) . You will need to identify the following items and parts of the dramatic structure, at a minimum.

1. Two examples of Expositional information

2. The Inciting Incident

3. The Climax

4. Denoument, and any questions that were not answered

5. The Protagonist and Antagonist

6. The purpose for this play or film (look at “The Big E’s”) (Attached)

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Answer Preview……………..

Script writers on different films play a critical role in the development of its dramatic structure. In some cases, a well versed actor would be in a position to tell the quality of film from an overview of the script, based on which he or she could make the decision on whether to sign the cast contract. In as much as the firection of the film plays a significant role in determining the quality of whatever one watches on screen, an attention on the quality of the written script would…………………….

APA 455 words..

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