Dynasty Road Show Reflections Assignment

You have learned about the art, political philosophies, culture, and architecture of the ancient Chinese dynasties. You have just been shown three artifacts from three different dynasties.

Imagine that you are appraising those pieces of art for the owner who has taken them to the Dynasty Road Show, a traveling show of art from the dynasties of China. The show always has people who are experts on Chinese dynasties. People bring their collections to the show to find how much they are worth. Sometimes they are looking to sell the items; other times they are just curious.

You must write a reflection about each artifact and assign a price to it. You can be creative and have fun with your pricing of the artifacts. In order to properly assign a price to each artifact, you must explain the actual materials and style used to decorate the art, but it is just as important to talk about what was happening in China during the time of the dynasty from which the art comes from. Value of items can often go up if something important happened relating to the item. For example, a baseball card of a player who is in the Hall of Fame is much more valuable than a card of a player who only played for one season.

Each summary should be a few paragraphs long and should include the following:

  • the price of item
  • the dynasty the item was created in
  • the political philosophy of the time (if any)
  • wars/expansion (if any)
  • important leaders (if any)
  • important contributions from that dynasty

Use the information from this lesson to write your Dynasty Road Show Reflections.

Have fun!

Follow your teacher’s instructions to submit this assignment.

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