eassy paper

eassy paper

It needs some researches of nyc park about ecology and biology studies.

all the requirements are uploaded

ecology biology description 5 pages, Single Spacing

I live in nyc manha – new york Manhattan I believe, so pick a park from there

Answer Preview…………….

Central Park is located in Manhattan, New York. Its location between the Upper West Side and the Upper East Side of New York make it centrally placed in the city. Also, is one of the largest urban parks and has many facilities including a museum, zoo, dining areas, and an open field for relaxing. Central Park is bounded by Fifth Avenue on the east, Eighth Avenue on the west, 59th Street on the south, and 110th Street on the north (National Park Service, 2007). Central Park is in the heart of the city with millions of visitors annually but it also has a rich collection of Flora and Fauna which sharply contrasts the rest of the busy city. As one of the biggest and most……….

APA 2917 words

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