East Asia

Response paper: Each unit will conclude with a one-page essay (about 500 words double spaced in 12 pt font) in response to one or more of the text we’ve studied. You will have a choice of prompts, but in the prompt you choose, you must address how the text(s) chosen relates to the unit’s larger theme and the study of East Asia culture and society. You are expected to develop a thesis based on evidence from the texts in an organized fashion using the skills you learned in your writing seminar. Grading rubric will be posted on blackboard

****You may choose to make one of your unit reports as a “visual” report. That is, you may draw or construct a visual piece that responds to the prompt. Your piece must be accompanied with a one paragraph explanation of your creation that links it to the assignment. *********

“in a grove” this one of the stories that we read i n class also we watched ” seven samurai” so please i want you to analyze one of their theme and related it to chines culture, by also talking about for example china town in philadelphia
i hope it is clear

mla 2 sources

preview of the answer..

The Chinese culture has been preserved and is respected. In many centuries, he Chinese has tried in all ways to preserve their culture whenever they go. Even in most films, the themes in most movies which relate to Chinese have tried to preserve this. In the film, seven samurai, there are several Chinese cultures that have been depicted.

In the seven samurai, the art of fighting is very predominant. This art of fighting is in most Chinese children. The art is meant to help people in the society. Young children as they grow they are taught the art. There is a dedicated time for kung fu classes. In the old days, the masters were respected in the Chinese society as they were the ones who taught this art. In the seven …

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