ECE 315 W4 Language Development in Young Children Assignment

Literacy Lesson Plan

Create a developmentally appropriate literacy lesson plan that supports language and literacy experiences.

Include the following in your lesson plan, using the template:

  1. Identify the lesson objectives.
  2. Describe the alignment with language and literacy standards.
  3. Describe the lesson procedure. This should be detailed so that another teacher could use this to implement the lesson.
  4. Explain strategies to support children learning a second language.
  5. Explain modifications for students with special needs.
  6. Identify appropriate materials.  Use the textbook and at least one outside resource, with citations in APA format.
  7. Create an assessment plan.  How will you measure improvement?

Your one- to two-page lesson plan should utilize the template and be in-depth so another reader would know exactly what to do if they were teaching the lesson. It must be formatted according to APA style, citing two to three scholarly resources (including the course text). Since you will be using a template, it is not necessary to include a title and cover page.

Since this is an assignment that you will be able to use in your future role, share your lesson plan with the class through the Doc Sharing tab.  Doing this will allow others to see various language lessons.This will provide you with peer feedback that could help you to continue to grow. That said, you will still need to upload your assignment for grading as a Word file.

When you submit your assignments each week, they will be returned to you with specific feedback. This feedback should be used to revise the assignment for the Final Project. Please make the necessary corrections and save for Week Five use in the Final Project.

preview of the answer..




To know the English names of several animal.

-To identify which animals are friendly to human beings and which ones are dangerous.

-To know why certain animals are domesticated and others live on their own in the wilderness.

Standards Covered:



-Engaging students in important aspects of life through educating them the importance of the things they come across.

-Preparing students for future endeavors where they will be required to be responsible in life.

-Building strong social skills among kids.

-Building effective and efficient communication skills among kids as they learn how to pronounce effectively the English names of various animals.


711 words APA

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