ECE 315 W5 Language Development in Young Children D1

Many resources are available to help us continue to develop our knowledge of language acquisition.  As professionals, you will need to identify and evaluate the resources available to you.  Please spend some time evaluating professional resources linked to language acquisition.

For this discussion, choose a specific language acquisition topic to explore further.  Several examples include our previous topics of bilingualism, communication disorders, language developmental stages, brain research, supportive language acquisition practices, family support of language acquisition, etc.  Write the topic you explored in the subject line of your discussion post.  Then, provide three sources that can be used to learn more about this topic.  Your sources may include a journal article, webpage, video, research, podcast, etc.  Include links where appropriate, and be sure to cite all sources in APA format.

Your 300-350 word post should include the following for each selected source:

  • Summary of the resource
  • How it supports language acquisition in children
  • How you will use it specifically for your future professional role
  • An APA-formatted reference of the source so your peers can access and review it

When you submit your assignments each week, they will be returned to you with specific feedback. This feedback should be used to revise the assignment for the Final Project. Please make the necessary corrections and apply them to your Final Project, which is due in Week Five.





preview of the answer..

Language is an important part of one’s day to day life. As such, various researches have been conducted on how children acquire knowledge. In addition to that, there have also been researches conducted with the aim of improving future research methods when it comes to language acquisition in children. Johanne Paradis, Kristyn Emmerzael and Tamara Sorenson Duncan, in their article, “Assessment of English language learners using parent report on first language development” conducted a research in which they came up with the ideal way to conduct research on language acquisition (Paradis, Emmerzael, & Duncan, 2010). The article would come in handy in a fieldwork in which language was the topic for …

426 words APA

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