Economic Government Policies

How do government policies and/or regulations factor into changes in economic activity on both a domestic and global scale?

  • Give a specific example of a policy or regulation that has helped economic activity.
  • Give a specific example of a policy or regulation that has hindered economic activity.
  • If you were an economist who was tasked with evaluating this policy or regulation, what are some ideas you would suggest for changing it in a way that would achieve the same goal but not hinder economic activity?
  • Finally, state whether or not you enjoy these types of evaluations and if you would consider these types of responsibilities in a future career.
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All government have always wanted to be friendly towards business practices. As a result, they have enacted policies and regulations through the use of laws. Some of these regulations have proved to be e major hindrance to some types of business. A good example of a policy enacted by the government that has increased economic activity in the United States was …

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