The Economic Consequences of Drug Trafficking in Mexico

The Economic Consequences of Drug Trafficking in Mexico

A 9 page research paper on a topic of your choice. You should incorporate a minimum of 8 sources. APA FORMAT. You might think of this as a long literature review/research paper, but you might also be arguing/advocating for a particular policy/practice (you might discuss prevalence rates, current prevention efforts, and relevant court cases)

Research question: The Economic Consequences of Drug Trafficking in Mexico

  • Intro
  • Explain the relationship between Social status and Criminal behavior (drug related)
  • What drugs do the cartels traffic into the U.S? How does it affect both economies?
  • Explore how drug trafficking affects the economy (national and international)
  • Discuss about the financial dust of drug trafficking and corruption
  • Social class, crime, trends, treatment models
  • Policy and current events (relevant court cases), Landmark cases
  • The War on Drugs and Associated Policies
  • Discussion of the Literature and conclusion
  • Mexico, the United States, and the Criminalization of Drug Control

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The drug trafficking industry in Mexico is one of the biggest industry and accounts for increased income in the country. The revenue that the industry contributes hassled to the need to focus on the efficiency and the rationale of the industry in meeting the needs of the community and the assessment of the consumption in the economy. The resources that the country injects are important as there is focus on the illegality of the trade and the aggregation of the costs that help in focusing on the value that the industry contributes to the economy. The extent to which the growth of the economy is considered helps in ensuring there is focus on other measures of the growth of the growth of the economy such as the flow of capital and consumption in the industry………..

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