Edgar Allan Poe

I’m asking for a 4 page research about Edgar Allan Poe. I need to include The Black Cat and The Pit and Pendulum as the two short stories that reflect his life. My thesis for my research paper is “Edgar Allan Poe’s life struggles influenced his writings such as “The Black Cat” and The Pit and Pendulum.” You have to link the stories to the author. I want how the stories basically reflect his life and why. I also need a title page and a work cited page. These not being included in the 4.



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Edgar Allan Poe is an America poet and short story writer who influenced television and the film industry. He is popular due to “The black Cat” which is translated to gallio which entails your voice locked in a room and only the author has the key. His work has quoted in several episodes with obsessed killer activities. Edgar has written many articles like the Black Cat in 1934, it entails a horror movie that became universal pictures biggest box office film last year. The movie is developed from a honeymoon point of few. Newlyweds Peter and Joan Alison were willing to spend their honeymoon in Hungary however, the cultural mix up obligated them to …

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