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For this essay, I want you to explore your own philosophy in relation to education. Examine what is the purpose of an education and how these ideas impact your own approach to learning. Use these guiding questions to get the ball rolling. Start with the big picture, what is an education? What is the purpose of education? Is it just about the retention of information, or something more? How has your experience as a student shaped this view? How should this view/purpose of education be reflected in institutions of learning? Has this philosophy been reflected in your educational experience? If so, how?

the education is that base that gives the knowledge and skills to achieve in the life.

My points that I am going to talk about in the essay are:
1-Problems that I have faced in my education and my solutions.
2-What is the reason behind being educated.
3-Having a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, Job ..
4-Education bring me closer to my goal.
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preview of the answer..

Education can be described as any form of learning whereby habits, knowledge and skills of people are taken from one generation to another through researching, teaching and training. In most cases, education usually takes place under the guidance of some people, for instance teachers and school administrators. Education is considered as any experience that affects a person’s thinking, actions and behaviors in a formative way. A person’s education is usually …

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