EEOC v. Rosebud Restaurants

EEOC v. Rosebud Restaurants


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  • Think back to the activity related to Title VII.
    • Find a Title VII case brought by the EEOC within the last fifteen years. What is the name of the case? Give a brief summary of the case and its outcomes.
    • Explain how this case fits within Title VII by identifying the protected class and manifestation of discrimination. Use the facts of the case to support your answer.
    • Advise the organization/company involved in the case on three specific ways that it could mitigate its legal risk in the future.


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Rosebud restaurants, Inc. in Chicago was found guilty of going against the discrimination of African Americans. Rosebud Chicago branches, 13 of them, were found to have contravened the discrimination laws by failing to employ any African-American in all its branches, because of their race. More the managers, including the owner of Rosebud Alex Dana, was found guilty of using racial slurs to refer to blacks. The EEOC started an investigation on Rosebud as there was no African-American in all of its branches, a contravene of federal regulations that demanded that one has to maintain employment applications for a year and also the failure to file employee information based o job category, race, gender, and ethnicity. On the 17th of September, 2013, the EEOC filed a suit against Rosebud in the U.S district court for the northern district of Illinois in Chicago (case number 13-cv-6656). It was the first attempt to reach a pre-litigation settlement through its conciliation process. This suit resulted…………….

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