Effects of cell phone

Effects of cell phone

Write a 1,200-word essay arguing your side of one of the following topics:

1) Does the United States have a fair tax system?

2) Are cell phones dangerous?

3) Should members of Congress have term limits?

4) Should prisoners be allowed to vote?

5) Is Facebook a great invention or the end of privacy?

6) Are space explorations worth the time and money invested in them?

Once you have chosen your topic, develop a strong thesis to indicate your belief about the subject. Then, following all the information you have read, write a rough draft of an Argumentation Essay. This rough draft will serve as the start of your paper for Week 9. Do not need to submit the rough draft. Remember that you must use at least 2 sources and they must be included in the text of your paper and listed on your Works Cited page. Remember that this is a paper based on opinion but using documented information so do not use Personal Pronouns.


you can choose the topic by yourself.

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just make sure you use the MLA format

Answer preview……………………

apa 1237 words

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