Effects of developmental issues on children

Effects of developmental issues on children

Policy Briefing Presentation

Students analyze an educational issue by conducting research on the issue and creating a policy briefing.

Course Objectives

 Review and analyze educational literature pertaining to current trends in early childhood education.

 Present informed arguments on the major issues and controversies regarding early childhood education including the impact on young children and the profession.


1) Save and print the Module 1 Analysis PDF.

2) Create a Prezi or Microsoft PowerPoint presentation of 10 slides (including a title and references slides).

a. Research the Internet for news stories on a contested educational problem or issue related to one of the following categories:

 Early Childhood State Accountability Systems

 Children’s Development of Competencies

 Effects of Developmental Issues on Children

 Policies on Children and Families

b. Describe the problem or issue.

c. Identify three courses of action available, including the “do nothing” option.

d. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each course of action.

e. Determine the distributional and political effects (who will gain and lose from each course of action?).

f. Using citations and references in APA (6th edition) to support your decision making, prioritize the three courses of action from the most effective to least effective. Provide a rationale for your recommendations.

3) Follow the directions to submit your final presentation.


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