Emergency Management

Emergency Management

make it about 1.5 gs each discussion, 3 pgs total

Some discussion may require a specific region, the student did not state his region so try to just say my region, and use a common EOC.
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Discussion 1

An emergency operations center (EOC) is the central command center for emergency preparedness. At the state level, the EOCs are managed by the emergency manager (EM) who is the go-to person when it comes to the emergency preparedness and operations. Because the EOCs are mainly centered at the state and county levels, they often have different approach to emergency planning and response. In my local area, the EOC places the emergency manager as the chief of staff during disaster. Particularly, the emergency manager is often the mayor of the local government and he or she is responsible for coordinating all emergency response services in their area of jurisdiction. Therefore, in this area, the EOC is responsible for calling the EOC to action and directing the activities of the EOC. Particularly, they take over from the director of the EOC in times of disaster……..

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