Emergent Literacy Activities

Emergent Literacy Activities

Create two activities to be used to enhance emergent literacy, one for infants and one for toddlers.

Use the format of one of the lesson plan templates as a resource for each activity and include the following:

  1. Explanation of the activity – what the child is expected to do and what the teacher will do.
  2. Clear, measurable learning objectives that align to early learning standards (ELS) as well as your state’s subject standards.
  3. Relevant materials and resources including visual or audio resources.
  4. Explanation of how the activity can be modified to address the needs of individual learners.
  5. Description of how the activity helps in the development of emergent literacy. Provide specific examples.

Please have the TurnItIn as low as possible. I know that the template will raise the score.

Answer Preview…………….

Clear measurable learning objectives that are aligned to the infant activity need to be conducted by parents, teachers or the caregiver and pertains to helping the infant to understand different words together with what they mean mostly for infants of 9-12 months (Neuman & Roskos, 2005). The state subject matter pertains to following the oral directions which mostly involves sequences of actions…………………..

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