Emerging Economies and Globalization

Selected two trade theories that are specific and appropriate to the expansion of GEH. The theories explain why operations were expanded. You must name the trade theories and explain the specific mechanism the lead to expanded operations.


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The evaluation focuses on aspects of the strategy unique to each operation (i.e., diversity, acquisition, etc.). Be sure to discuss strategy not characteristics of the HR department, discuss the benefits of the strategy, costs, ideal conditions in which the strategy is effective (this demonstrates depth), discuss elements from the literature that may be missing from their HR strategy



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Trade theory is a collection of models that are assumed to be able to increase the scale productions of an organization and return to network effects.  Most of these theories assume that building a large industrial base in certain industries will allow those sectors to dominate the world market. This is an important theory for countries that depend on a large percentage on the proceeds from international trade. These countries include China and India. Trade is also an …

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