Emma Golman

Emma Golman/ Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vm5tb_5WovA

• The review must contain the following 3 parts:
1. Introduce your review by identifying the film, its purpose, and four themes the film covered. (1 Paragraph)
2. Write a paragraph for each theme and explain how it was covered in the film. (4 – 5 paragraphs)
3. Conclude with a summary assessment of the film by commenting on how the film helped you understand the people’s experiences and whether it achieved an appreciation of the historical record. (1 – 2 paragraphs)

Please only use the film to write the essay. The essay will be submitted through the Turitin System: It is an Internet-based plagiarism-prevention service created by iParadigms,


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The world has always had controversial people. These people have gained world recognition all thanks to their controversy. Controversial people are people who do things that seem to have meanings that are contrary to what they advocate for. Emma Golman was a woman in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Her controversy is from the fact that she was a human right activist but her campaigns stirred actions that seemed to be against human rights. Recently, there was a documentary on her in on PBS channel. The film was aimed at telling the people more about Golman and covers themes such as human rights violation, abuse of power, immigration and military conscription.

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