Emotional Intelligence is important for Decision Making

Emotional Intelligence is important for Decision Making

proposal , look at the attached files and you will see the requirements, also there are two pictures shows how the instructor will grade the proposal , also please watch the video in the link so you will have the idea of what the instructor wants of the outline ,please use the format the instructor mentioned in the video

Description – The description makes clear what the presentation will be about, how it fits into the course material, and why it is of interest to the proposer.





subject: Business



Hello brother, The professor just responded , he said,”The first two are both core topics in the course. The third option is your best one.“

  1. Emotional intelligence is important for decision making.


a proposal for your presentation topic. The proposal must be no more than 1 page in length and include the following: o Presentation / Topic Title o Brief description of the topic (1 – 2 paragraphs) including why it is of interest to you / your team. o At least one quality source (e.g. an academic worthy peer reviewed publication, not a popular press magazine, Wikipedia, etc.) you expect to utilize for your presentation – listed as an APA format reference.


Awesome,In the top of this page there are two pictures, use the to check your work because he will grade according to these 2 pictures and the requirements I just sent


also the instructor wants me to to do an out line for the presentation in a separate file and he posted a 3 minutes video example of the outline – video link given above



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apa 1036 words

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