Empathy Walk Writing Assignment

Empathy Walk Writing Assignment

Business is all about relational processes, and a crucial skill is the capability to dialogue through differences to find common ground. You will be required to seek out a stranger, an individual that you see as very different 3 from yourself (i.e., can be someone living on the street, an elder, a business person, an immigrant, a politician). With permission spend at least one-hour having a dialogue (using four-elements). From this dialogue, you are required to individually write a paper with your reflective-observations (1000-word maximum) *. What were the insights from the dialogue?

Were there similarities or shared perspectives. Differences? *


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An empathy walk is a walk that allows one to get in another person’s shoes and experience what they go through. The empathy walk I engaged in was a way of understanding how the other person’s career and lifestyle go on, how they perceive life in general, and the challenges and opportunities they experience in their work. Through this exercise, I was able to find common ground with a building manager named Brian attached to the same building that I………………..

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