English 1080 Section 085 Assignment # 4: Hamlet

Page 1 of 1 Spring 2016 English 1080 Section 085 Assignment # 4: Hamlet

Instructions: Please respond to ONE of the four questions listed below. You are required to consider the given topics carefully and discuss your ideas concisely.

Your response should be approximately 250 words long and will be graded on content, organization, grammar, and style. Make sure you post the “Final draft” of your Assignment to the correct Dropbox folder (under Assessments). You must post your responses to the Dropbox, before 11:59 p.m. Newfoundland time (N.S.T.), on Sunday, July 17. Your Assignment must conform to MLA Format Do not use PDF and/or PAGES file formats. PDF and/or PAGES file formats cannot be opened with this program. Questions: Answer ONE of the questions below: Hamlet: Act III, IV, V Act III 1. With specific reference to his “to be or not to be” soliloquy (3.1.56-89), discuss why Hamlet might be attracted to death at this point in the play. Act IV 1. How does Laertes’ reaction to his father’s death in Act 4, Scene 5 (IV.v), differ from Hamlet’s reaction to the loss of Old Hamlet? Act V 1. Discuss how Laertes and Fortinbras can be considered as foils to Hamlet.

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To begin with, this mind capturing play starts in the royal Danish palace outside, it is clear and evident that it opens in a resentfully cold night watch. There are several things that happens in the act 1, scene 1 of the play. The very first thing that happens is changing of the guards where Francisco is replaced by Bernardo. However, the place that all these things are happening is illustrated..

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