English Discussion

English Discussion

Discussion Prompt:

This discussion posting asks that you reflect upon your development as a writer in this course. Diana Hacker, in A Writer’s Reference, writes that reflection is “the process of stepping back periodically to examine your decisions, preferences, strengths, and challenges as a writer” (28). In this posting, please respond to the following two points:

  1. Reflect on what you’ve learned about reading, writing, critical thinking, and researching throughout the course.
  2. Reflect on how you plan to use the skills and experiences from this writing course in other courses where writing and research will be assigned.


Please respond to the above discussion prompt in approximately 12-15 sentences.

Please follow the rubric



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Answer Preview…………….

Reading, Writing and Critical Thinking

Reading and writing are essential in modern day communication, and therefore it is important for everyone who wants to fit in it to learn the skills of reading and writing. Reading involves carefully exposing one’s self to text or images and creating meaning out of the texts or images.  Writing, on the other hand, involves putting down thoughts in words so that one can be understood. One has to be a good thinker for them to read or write effectively. Critical thinking involves the analysis of issues objectively to find their meaning. When reading, one cannot…………..

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