english writing

english writing

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For this assignment, you must write a 5 page position paper to illustrate your views on biotechnology and/or cloning. Be sure to provide me with a reference page in APA style, (this will not count towards your 5 page requirement). This paper must be submitted by November 27th to the dropbox contained within this folder. Remember to only a Microsoft Word document. Let me give you some examples of what could be done:

  • It could be illustrated how these technologies may help in the decline of species or help to solve food production problems.
  • You can take a positive perspective or a negative perspective on this technology (be sure to illustrate why).
  • One could illustrate why certain technologies should be investigated and possibly adopted, while others would be off limits.
  • It could be illustrated why these technologies offer hope for human survival.
  • You could illustrate how these technologies can be used to bring back former species that have been lost (negative and positive consequences)
  • Or you could illustrate how this technology could be used to limit human diseases and suffering.

The above list is only a few suggestions, but many more possibilities exist.

make sure to check plagiarism and grammar and also make sure to go throw book pages file the I posted to get good grade in this essay.

reference all the attached sources and cite them in text, add few more sources

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