english144 – 1

english144 – 1


Technology and Bullying (Cyberbullying)

1550 words

Make sure you meet all the checklist requirements, and use colour highlight
were required, and underline where required


6 current/recent works cited and cite in text in MLA, no sources older than
2017 should be used, prefer 2018 sources

include some direct quotes and highlight them in green

outline needed

same thing as u did yesterday, but now on a different topic

Answer Preview…………….

The rise of new communication technologies has made it easier for everyone around the world to stay connected. Young people, specifically, are now more connected than ever and can keep in touch with friends, family, and even total strangers. However, there is a downside of this technology in what has been seen as an increase in the cases of cyberbullying. This dark side has cost people their comfort as well as their lives in a few extreme cases that have led to depression…………………….

APA 1682 words

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