Enhancing the Online Marketing Plan

Enhancing the Online Marketing Plan

Overview:For this second milestone,which is due in Module Five,you will illustrate how the Tate’s current online marketing plan can be enhanced. You proposed potential avenues in Milestone One. Now, incorporating your instructor’s feedback, you will solidify your ideas.

Prompt:First, review the final project case study,The Tate’s Digital Transformation. You proposed potential avenues to enhance the Tate’s campaign in Milestone One. Now, using the instructor feedback on that milestone and your own research, solidify your ideas in a 2-to 3-page paper that provides the reader with a clear understanding of how you envision enhancing the existing digital efforts of the Tate.

You will assess where current strategies (owned, earned, paid) miss the effective use of online channels to create new business for the Tate and/or help it retain its customers. You will examine the business goals of the Tate, including its key performance indicators (KPIs),to determine the best online channels for supporting these goals;finally, you will prioritize the optimal mix of distribution channels to effectively reach your target audience. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: Address Gaps:Illustrate how the current campaign can be enhanced by constructing the following: Using your analysis of the current campaign, identify new opportunities: Compose a target/potential customer by creating a customer profile (buyer persona)based on new assessment data. Assess where current strategies(owned, earned, paid) miss effective use of online channels to create new business and retain customers. Correlate the business goals and associated KPIs, and the channels that support these goals. Prioritize the optimal mix of distribution channels to effectively reach your target audience. Support your reasoning for the choice of channels and the prioritization.


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The improvement of the digital marketing efforts for Tate gallery is important as this creates the need to maximize on the company profitability. Reaching out to the consumers is important as this helps in the management of the awareness of the brand and the channel that the company should use in increasing effectiveness. With the improvement in technology, the increase in the digital transformation methods is important as it creates the change required and the assessment of the results that lead to increase in the profitability of the company……..

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