Create a professional YouTube video of the Entrepreneurial Business Plan

Entrepreneurial Business Plan


I will be creating the video but I need you to make a PowerPoint Presentation with speaker notes that I can use to do the video. I will need everything I have to say to be in the speaker notes.

This is the assignment description:

Video Production

The purpose of this assignment is to present a video as if the student is presenting his or her Entrepreneurial Business Plan to a group of potential investors. To do this, students will create a YouTube video outlining Parts A-F of their Entrepreneurial Business Plan and have the video reviewed by a CBU Career Center advisor. (CLO’s 2-8)

Specific instructions for this assignment:
1. Create a professional YouTube video of the Entrepreneurial Business Plan
Video must include:

  • Video of the presenter.
  • PowerPoint slide presentation.

2. Set a meeting with an advisor from CBU’s Career Center (contact information is located at the bottom of this page) to review video. Include a summary of the notes/recommendations from your career center advisor detailing his or her recommendations.

3. Submit a link of the YouTube video; meaning the professor must be able to click on the link to view the video (i.e., not download the video).

4. Estimated time of the video is 10 to 15 minutes.

When grading, the instructor will use your final Entrepreneurial Business Plan as a checklist to ensure each item is discussed.

It is ultimately the student’s responsibility to work their schedule around the career center advisors schedule. Therefore student’s are strongly encouraged to plan and work ahead to ensure both parties have the needed time to complete this required review.

I am really nervous about doing the video for this assignment so any extra helpful notes would be greatly appreciated. 🙂


Answer Preview……………

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12 Slides

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