The purpose of this assignment is to determine the startup cost of the firm, discuss new funding sources for the firm

Entrepreneurial Business Plan

Entrepreneurial Business Plan Part F:

The purpose of this assignment is to determine the startup cost of the firm, discuss new funding sources for the firm and a discussion of key financial and accounting ratios. To do this, students will integrate lessons learned from the course reading assignments, conduct outside research, and apply their critical thinking skills to properly estimate the various costs needed to start their firm. (CLO’s 1, 4, and 8)

General Guidelines:
1. Your paper should meet all APA (6th Ed.) writing standards.
2. The Change Matrix must be placed immediately following the Title Page.
3. Beginning in Wk. 2 – Instructor’s feedback, recommendations, and corrections must be addressed and detailed on the change matrix page.
4. Include a faith integration component – The faith integration component should be present throughout your business plan (e.g., not just a paragraph or mention of faith at the end of each section). In other words, how does your faith or world view influence your firm?

Specific to this week’s component:
1. Conduct outside research to determine startup cost for their firm.
2. Create an Excel spreadsheet to display each category and the estimated first-year cost.
3. Copy and paste the spreadsheet into the Entrepreneurial Business Plan
4. Provide an in-depth review of two leading sources for new business funding.
a. Students should also discuss their option that is best-suited for their firm
5. Using your firm’s financial data, provide a discussion of the firm’s profit margin, break-even points (include a break-even graph), and the industries profit margin.

Feedback that should be implemented in the Change Matrix:

“Just as in Wk. 1, I reviewed your paper using the Review feature within Word. I encourage you to take a look at each of the comments I posted directly on your paper.

Your final paper is due soon. In order to maximize your point opportunity, be sure to:

1. During the past several weeks, I intentionally provided several notes, comments, recommendations, or suggestions. Each of these comments was made to help you improve your paper. I, therefore, encourage you to review each of these notes (dating back to Wk. 1) and make all the necessary corrections.

2. Review the final rubric – both your final paper and presentation should meet each of the mentioned dimensions

3. Throughout this course I have stressed the importance of writing according to the guidelines set by APA – I encourage you to ensure:

1. The table of contents is properly working

2. All Headers are properly formatted

3. All in-text citations and references are properly formatted

4. Your writing uses proper grammar and sentence structure.”

I have also attached the annotated PDF of last week’s paper. Please go through the paper and look at all the instructor’s comments and make appropriate changes, noting them in the Change Matrix.



Answer Preview…………

Because this report will become part of your official school records, be sure to add the class number and name, date, and professors name. I corrected these errors and used the right style. Be sure to place the Change Matrix immediately following the Title Page. I attached the change matrix after the cover page.  Delete the blank line before your header.  be sure your Headers meet the APA formatting requirements. I placed the headers in the correct format  in-text citation? This sentence does not need one… In text removed………..

APA 6054 words

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