ENV Project: Present your work as art, music, business proposal, theatre, or lesson plan!

ENV109 environmental project

Semester project or paper based on environmentally-friendly lifestyle change.

ENV Project: Present your work as art, music, business proposal, theatre, or lesson plan!

  1. Choose something that you can change about your life and commit to that change. Choose something measurable and documentable. Examples include: Take a shorter shower, compost your vegetable and fruit wastes, recycle, become a vegetarian for the semester. For any of these life-changing events: Document how you are accomplishing this change and record each event.
    • Detailed description of environmental change you made
    • How that change impacts the environment (not enough to just say cutting back shower time saves water! Explain importance of actually saving that water)
    • Quantify in some way the change you made, and then scale that change up (ex. if you saved 3 gallons of water a week, calculate how much water the whole campus or the whole state could save each year if everyone made the same change!)
  2. If you do not choose a life change, please choose a current and relevant environmental topic on which to type a 3-4-page paper (double-spaced). Please choose something of local or statewide importance. The Title page and References are separate from the 3-4 pages of text. Please use Times New Roman, 11-point font. Include information describing the Environmental Issue’s history, influence on people, and impact on the environment. Is anyone doing something to remedy the problem? You must cite sources for all work that is not your own. Copying directly from a website constitutesplagiarism, the consequence of which is a grade of ZERO.

MUST CITE ANY SOURCES USED. If you look up how many people are in Alabama to scale up, cite where you found that information. Cite any source you use in determining the environmental impact of your specific change.

Choose one of the above options. Due at the beginning of your lab period! Late submissions will result in a loss of one letter grade per day on this assignment.


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