“Epiphany” is a noun sometimes defined as “a moment of sudden realization

Epiphany in Utah

“Epiphany” is a noun sometimes defined as “a moment of sudden realization, frequently regarding an insight or a perception.” Identify and describe an epiphany that David Rakoff experiences in “Utah.”

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Most of the information related to Utah has direct links to the Mormon religion, considered by many to be relatively controversial due to the lives of those that practice the religion. In his visit to the region, David Rakoff experienced what one would call an epiphany from encounters in interactions with the people in some of the cities. The author notes of the existence of a generally dismissive attitude towards strangers, which he asserts that individuals without identification of their membership of the Mormon faith may not even access products in a clothes department store.[1]In essence, the author confirms the existence of a relatively secretive

[1] David Rakoff, Utah. 251………………..

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