Essay #3: Policy Claim

ENG 101 —- Essay #3: Policy Claim (Argument)

Essay #3 is an argumentative, POLICY CLAIM on a topic of YOUR CHOICE. You must have FOUR sources. Only ONE of your sources must be from the GMC Library. You may use other websites as references; however, they should be reputable sites with a listed, credible author. It is best to stick to websites that end in: • .org • .edu • .gov Even though you are able to choose your own topic for Essay #3, you should follow the same process you did for Essay #2. Remember, A CLAIM OF POLICY is a claim that argues for a specific course of action to solve a problem. So, your essay should discuss a problem, and PROPOSE a viable solution that is backed up with credible research. CHAPTER 5 in Elements of Argument is a great place to look for more information on claims; start on page 149. Essay #3 will have FIVE components: 1. Research Question – Chosen by YOU 2. Brainstorming Activity – Choose from one the brainstorming strategies on this webpage. 3. Thesis and Topic Sentence Outline (Flash Essay) 4. 5 paragraph essay that includes a counterargument (opposing argument/refutation) 5. MLA Works Cited page REMEMBER: Your paper should be a unified and logically organized essay. It should have an introductory paragraph, body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. The introductory paragraph should identify the general topic to be discussed. In addition, it should contain information about the topic as well as your thesis statement, which should be the last sentence in your introduction. The body paragraphs of your paper should begin with the topic sentences outlined in your Thesis and Topic Sentences Outline (Flash Essay). Focus on transitioning from paragraph to paragraph smoothly to create the sense that all of your sentences working towards the same purpose—to prove your argumentative essay. For guidance with transitions between paragraphs, you may wish to view this topic on the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL). You are expected to quote and/or paraphrase from the FOUR sources you’ve chosen to support your argument. The last body paragraph is a good place for your COUNTERARGUMENT. If you’re having trouble crafting an argument that includes a counterargument, review this resource. Avoid self-referential (first person) pronouns such as I, me, my, our, we, etc. If you are going to argue that the essay is an effective argument, simply state “The essay is an effective argument” without using phrases such as “I think,” “I believe,” or “In my opinion.” Review Chapters 1 & 2 in Elements of Argument for more information on concepts such as claim, support, and warrant. Essay #3 should be at least 1200 words and should be in MLA Format including an MLA heading, MLA pagination, a title, and an MLA Works Cited page with corresponding in-text citations (as appropriate). Review the Purdue OWL for details regarding MLA Format. In Discussion Forum 7.1: Essay #3 Peer Review, you will post a draft of your essay. Your draft should be as complete as possible and at least 800 words. The more complete your draft is for the peer review process, the more feedback you will be able to receive from your professor and peers. It should be noted that simply submitting your paper to the Discussion Forum 7.1: Essay #3 Peer Review DOES NOT COUNT as your essay submission. You must submit your paper to the Turnitin link at the bottom Week 7 to receive credit for the paper. The peer review is one step in the writing process. Upon completion of the paper, save the paper by going to “File—Save as” and using the following filename format: Your last name-ENG 101-Essay 3. Then, upload your Word document (Please do not save your paper as a PDF.) to the Turnitin link called “Upload Essay #3” at the bottom of Week 7. This paper is worth 100 points, and your score will go into the Essays category of the gradebook, which is worth 60% of your overall grade. Points Summary: Content 40 points MLA Format/Documentation 20 points Writing Style 20 points Grammar/Mechanics/Punctuation 10 points Follows Instructions 10 points Contact me as soon as possible with any questions you have regarding this assignment.

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There are many voters not only in the United States but across the world who believe that prisoners convicted of various crimes and serving their jail terms should not be allowed to vote. These people argue that jail sentence is a form of punishment, hence appropriate to deny these people their rights to vote. These individuals go on to argue that voting is civil right and not a human right. Once an individual commits a crime he or she forfeits her civil liberties such as voting but still retain human rights such as rights to life, shelter and food. The two rights are not on the same level, hence the need to treat them..

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