Essay Assignment #1: The Renaissance

Essay Assignment #1: The Renaissance


For the first half of the course this summer you will write a well-developed essay using the primary source

documents about the Renaissance available on Canvas. Your essay assignment will be divided into two sections:

1) Topic and Outline

You will submit a Topic/Outline of your writing project a few days before your final paper. This

assignment will require you to identify the topic you are working on and to present a detailed plan of your

essay, and its basic organization. Include a section for the introduction with a possible thesis, body

paragraphs with arguments you plant to make, and concluding points. (See Canvas for examples)

Requirements for Topic and Outline: 2- pages, 1-inch margins, double-spaced, 11 or 12 font size

Due Date: Monday, July 18 by 11:59PM

2) Essay

Choose one of the topics below to develop a well-written argumentative essay using the primary sources

from the Renaissance. You may also choose to use you Merriman textbook and/or different passages

from the primary sources. Make sure you have a clear thesis statement, relevant supporting evidence

from the documents, and a strong conclusion. Cite all your sources as footnotes or parenthetical citations,

and make sure to answer the topic question thoroughly. Don’t forget to come up with a creative title for

our essay that embodies the argument of your paper.

Requirements for Essay: 7-10 pages, 1-inch margins, double-spaced, 11 or 12 font size. I will also be attaching the documents and files along with the topics needed for the assignment. Note that the outline is due in 12 hours but the complete paper is due in 24 hours.


history  european history  Renaissance and Reformation  John Merriman description 7 pages, Double Spacing book A History of Modern Europe


Answer Preview…………….

Machiavelli was born and educated during a period of political upheavals in most parts of Europe and control of major Italian cities by the Roman Catholic. He belonged to a group of thinkers that questioned the status by using observations and scientific investigations to arrive at conclusions, as well as an individual that was preoccupied with the idea of unifying Italy. As an official of the Florentine Republic, Machiavelli was privy to the inner workings of governance,…………………….

APA 2184 words

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