essay assignment

essay assignment


you will write a complete, well-developed essay (with a bare minimum of three supporting body paragraphs). Remember, a thorough essay should contain an introduction with a precise thesis sentence, an essay map that presents the points that you will address in support of your thesis, a body composed of well-organized paragraphs unified by topic sentences, and a conclusion that sums up and states the significance of your topic.


Please do not do research for outside sources for this assignment. You are welcome to refer to anything that we read or watched this session or to stories with which you are familiar, but do not do additional research.


If you wish the exam to receive a grade better than a D, your essay must have an introduction, at least 3 body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. Plan your essays so that the thesis is in the introduction. Make it a real thesis, not a statement of intent (or what the paper will do) or a question.


Choose one and ONLY ONE of the bulleted prompt options below. Your essay should address your responses to ALL of the questions in the bulleted prompt that you select. It should not, however, feel as if you are responding to a checklist, particularly as they questions are related. Use transitions and synthesize.


  • Why do we need monsters? How do they apply to our society and culture, and where are they going? In addressing this prompt, please discuss the evolution of monsters—their past, present, and future.



  • What does “monster” really mean? In other words, how are monsters relevant?  Why are we scared of them?  To what extent do perception, fear, and our preoccupation with control figure into our ideas about monsters?


  • Heroes typically represent the opposite end of the spectrum of good and evil compared to monsters. What purpose do heroes serve? Are they culturally relevant as well? Are they more or less relevant than monsters?


Answer Preview…………….

Whenever the people mention “monster” what comes into the mind is a creature with a fearful physical appearance specifically the head and one likely to cause harm. The origin of monsters can be traced in the cultural heritage as well as in the society’s literacy. They have a mixture of a human and animal appearance. A good example is a gothic horror which includes…………..

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