Essay related multivitamins

Essay related multivitamins



I need to prepare the pro&cons essay composed of 5 paragraphs including Intro and Con and it is necessary to be counted as at least 500 words.

This essay is needed as an exam for pharmacy school.

I attached the topic and articles that should be cited as reference to support the thesis.

The topic relates with which taking Multivitamin is really helpful for keeping health or not.

And I want to agree with taking Multivitamin to enhance nutrition balance and keep the health status effectively.

Also, a writing assessment is here below.

Please click on the link below to access the articles for the written assessment. Read them carefully and understand the material. You will not be allowed to bring copies of the readings in to the assessment; however,we will provide you with ‘fresh’ copies that have not been written on.

Your essay will be assessed on Content and Comprehension and Mechanics/Grammar using the following criteria:

  • Ability to follow instructions
    • Use of the articles (must use at least 2 of the articles to support your essay)
    • Logic
    • Format (writing structure)
    • Vocabulary
    • Spelling
    • Punctuation
    • Grammar
    • Legibility
    • Referencing and Paraphrasing (Consistently and appropriately paraphrases and refers to article(s) with title, author, or publisher; for example In the Washington Post article, In the article titled Vaccines, In the article by Jones).

You will have 90 minutes to write your essay by responding to the question(s) based on the articles posted on Blackboard.

  • Write your Name and Group # at the top of both pages. Write ‘Final Draft’ on the front side of the final draft page
  • You will receive 2 sheets of blank lined paper and the articles that were posted on Blackboard.
  • Use one sheet of paper as scrap paper and the other for your final draft.
  • Your final draft is limited to one page (front and back).
  • You must pass in both pieces of paper and the articles at the end of the assessment.
  • Please write in blue or black pen ONLY.
  • No white out
  • If you make a mistake draw one line through the incorrect word(s). Do not scribble out.

Thank you so much!


 essay  Exam description 2 pages, Double Spacing

Answer Preview…………….

People believe that when they consume a healthy meal, especially the home-cooked ones, they will obtain all the necessary nutrients for proper functioning of the body. Unfortunately, this is not the case these days as several factors have contributed to a decline in the nutritional value of most food items. Aside from the ecological changes that have depleted the level of soil nutrients passed to plants, the cooking methods and ingredients used for preparing these meals………………….

APA 631 words

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