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The television is one of the electronic gadgets that I cannot live without.

My outline:



The television is an enjoyable way to spend time.

  1. A) It gives an idea about global events.
  2. B) Informative and educational programs are two of the channel categories that consider one of the positive ways of watching TV.
  3. a) Experiences, Examples: I learned various numbers and alphabets even before going to school.
  4. b) There are various geographical and biological programs which educate people about different creatures that exist in the world. (National geographic channel)
  5. C) Increase awareness in the society by educational TV shows.


On the other hand, there are some non-educational TV  programs.

  1. A) People could be victims to the shows which are poorly created
  2. B) It is addictive.
  3. C) Weight gain (people spend too much time in front of TV, which can reduce the time that is specified for exercises).
  4. D) It is waste of time.
  5. E) Acts of violence that may affect children.
  6. F) Fast food advertisements.

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How does technology play a part in your everyday life? What constitutes this interaction? What do you think of this interaction? Is this interaction healthy? How does your interaction affect the world around you? How does your interaction affect how you view the world? Does this interaction bring you closer with the people in your life? How does this interaction effect how you view technology as a concept?


With your interaction clearly stated, think about the larger implications of technological interactions with your own experience: How do technologies help shape or define human activity? In what ways do technologies reflect and reinforce cultural values? How do technologies contribute to cultural change, both positive and negative? These questions will help your personal interactions with technology reach a larger audience.




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Technology constitutes a part of everyday life and in one way or another has become a necessary evil, something that we cannot do without. Technology ranges from, television, films, internet, radio etc. in my life, technology plays the role of entertaining, education, informative, experiences, gives ideas about global events. There are numerous programs which serve as educative purposes on television, radio and the internet.   Programs such as farming provide educative information to farmers. As a student am also able to gain a lot of education …

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