Essay on Visit to a Museum

Here’s the instructions

Attend a cultural event or go to a museum. Make an observation and discuss how the event or artfacts in the museum are informative to you as a student of Humanities. Describe the specific event /museum art in detail and how it enlightens you in about 2 pages double spaced. Attach a flier to it to show you attended.

type as you went to the museum.

cover attached artifacts, include the images in your paper

can you said that you went to the following museum:

Murphy Fine Arts Center




preview of the answer..

As humanities major, it is essential for me to broaden the scope of my education by attending workshops, seminars, and luncheon or art exhibitions in a museum during my holiday. The need to attend any of these events became more important when I was given this essay to write in spite of my lack of enthusiasm to do so. I visited the Murphy Arts Center on Saturday, March 16th to witness the display of the latest artwork in the center’s collection. The works on …

475 words APA

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