Essays — Culture & Gender Issue in Management

Essays — Culture & Gender Issue in Management

Please write 300 words for each of the essays. Be as specific as possible. you can use vivid, real-life examples to help you describe your point of view.

 Essay #1

 Sexual Harassment.  Describe at least two arguments why Sexual harassment is still prevalent in the workplace today.  Are certain industries or organizations more prone to this type of harassment?  If you had to manage a globally diverse team, what ideas would you implement to prevent sexual harassment in your organization?  Be specific with at least two recommendations for implementation.

Essay #2

 If you were the Executive of a global company describe at least three ways that you would ensure that both expatriates and inpatriates received the proper training to make a global assignment successful. 

Essay #3

 Discuss why or why not you would accept a Global assignment.  Defend what you would consider (what three factors) in your decision and how you feel that this decision will be made.  

preview of the answer..

Sexual harassment is still rampant in the modern day workplaces, something that is contrary to the beliefs of most people. This problem is common in all organizations and industries thereby eliminating the belief that there are some organizations and industries where it is more prone than others. There are various reasons why sexual problem is still a major problem at workplaces today. One of the reasons why this problem still persists is the failure of victims to report to authorities when subjected..

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