The Estonian Cyber war

1. The Estonian Cyberwar



“The government of Estonia was subjected to cyber terrorism on April 27, 2007 by the Nashi, a pro-Kremlin group from Transnistria. One of the largest after Titan Rain, they employed a number of techniques such as ping floods and botnets to penetrate and take down key government websites rendering them useless. Their method was so complicated that the Estonian government believed that they might have had aids from the Russian government. What triggered these attacks was an important icon to the Russian people, the Bronze Soldier of Tallinn, an elaborate Soviet-era war grave marker and the war graves that were relocated by the Estonian government.”

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In today’s world nuclear and chemical weapons are considered dangerous as they can inflict destruction and pain on a large scale and indiscriminately. Many people fail to understand that besides these weapons there are other weapons of mass destruction which can also inflict a lot of pain and suffering to people. For instance many people are not concerned about the threat offered by cybersecurity which has similar devastating effects to the weapons of mass …

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