Ethan Frome

I have a term paper that is due. It is on Ethan Frome and I have to:

• Discuss Irony

The Term paper must be 5 pages long & 6 with the works cited page, it must be MLA Format, Times New Roman , 12 Font , & Double Spaced.



preview of the answer..

The novel, “Ethan Frome” by Pulizer Prize is a factious story of unnamed narrator in a New England town known as Starkfield. The unnamed narrator in the story meets a man named Ethan Frome who has dreams and desires that end in a sarcastic turn of occasions. Based on the novel, Ethan was a man who was stuck in a loveless marriage despite his dreams and desires. Based on the book, Ethan wife’s name was Zeena. She was neurotic woman that Ethan married out a sense of duty. However, he falls in love deeply with his wife’s cousin and their maid, Mattie until things get worse…

1400 words APA



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