ethical issues regarding the Internet and consumer privacy

Ethics and Privacy

Two Parts:

  1. During class we’ve discussed various aspects of privacy and the Internet. Classmates’ perspectives were both personal as well as consumer-oriented. View the following two videos to learn more perspectives on other ethical issues regarding the Internet and consumer privacy–
  2. Irina Raicu, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics (runtime- 5:43)

What is Internet Ethics? (Links to an external site.)


  1. Alasdair Allan, Scientist, author and journalist (runtime- 13:36)

The coming privacy crisis on the Internet of Things | Alasdair Allan | TEDxExeterSalon (Links to an external site.)


  1. Discuss the similarities and differences between the issues raised by authors of two articles posted below.–
  2. Ring and Nest helped normalize American surveillance and turned us into a nation of voyeurs

The Washington Post (Links to an external site.)

  1. The ‘Internet of Things’ Is Sending Us Back to the Middle Ages

Who owns all these devices we buy? Who controls them? Who do they control?

Pocket Worthy: The Conversation |

By Joshua A.T. Fairfield

22 mins ago


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