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write a one to two page memorandum on the following ethics issue: The owner of Sorena Company has asked your firm not to close the revenue accounts at the end of the fiscal year. “Our year-end income statement will look a lot better if we can fatten up those revenue figures with a couple extra days of revenue,” she says. Sorena Company is a client of Accounting Services, Inc. You work for Accounting Services. I’m your supervisor and have asked you to research this issue and to give me your opinion and recommendations. You can assume I have knowledge of the subject area. This is a business memo and you will not reference the instructor, student, any textbook, or assignment. Keep this memo in a business context. Make sure to list the references (web addresses) you used to form your opinion. The reference needs to be within the memo not listed at the end of the memo. The following resources may help you research the subject: Accounting Periods and Methods at Tax Guide for Small Businesses at





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Corporate collapses and the range of accounting activities conducted are believed to have led to the accounting ethics. These flaws in organizations have led to many people disregarding the accounting profession a lot. To restore the reputation of the accounting profession, governments and accounting organizations have come up with remedies and regulations in order to enhance ethics in this profession. Based on these ethics, the firm should go on and close the …

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