Ethics in Budgeting

Ethics in Budgeting

Although budgeting may appear to be a straightforward set of calculations, there are still many areas in the budgetary process where unethical practices may occur. By misusing tools or calculations, a potentially inaccurate picture of an organization’s financial pictures can be presented with the potential to mislead investors, employees, or stockholders.

For this Application, you will first need to review the case study, “Conflict Between Doing Well and Doing Good?” found in this week’s Resources.

Formulate a brief response for each of the seven questions listed at the end of the case study. In addition, comment on some potential consequences of unethical behavior in budgeting. Find examples in the news to demonstrate the consequences.

Formulate a set of issues which might be appropriate to address in ethics training for supervisors and managers who encounter and work with organizational and department budgets. How might such training avoid the situations encountered in the case study?

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The managers know this through conducting an investment analysis specifically the cost-benefit analysis.  The review is attained via an examination of the project’s goal of reducing costs that are legal. In analyzing the benefits of the company, Net Present Value is appropriate.  It is a tool that measures profitability in the budgeting process and estimates the number of cash flows and the rate it is more than initial capital required for the project.

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