Ethics in Research

Your initial post should be 250-300 words. Utilize a minimum of two peer-reviewed sources that were published within the last 10 years and are documented in APA style.

After reading Chapter 1 in your text, the APA ethical principles articles Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct  (paying particular attention to Standard 8) and Guidelines for Ethical Conduct in the Care and use of Nonhuman Animals in Research , as well as viewing the video Obedience and Ethics: Benefits and Costs of Psychological Conformity Studies,analyze and critique the principles introduced and applied in the various sources. Summarize what you feel are the ethical pros and cons of Milgram’s research. Include in your post definitions and a discussion of terms such as, informed consent, confidentiality, deception, debriefing, and institutional review board. Find an additional example of a completed research study that has raised ethical concerns. Evaluate the ethical pros and cons of that study and explain your reasoning for each aspect.


refs n cite with journal articles only





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While psychologists are required to conduct their practice in accordance with the relevant laws, ethical concerns further require them to consider costs and benefits of involving animals before proceeding with their activities. In the same regard, psychologists are mandated to examine ethical issues to protect humans from possible harm. For that reason, patients are required to be informed of the research work that will be conducted on them under the law of …

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