Many educators believe there is a need for an ethical code for educators. Others believe it may be too restrictive and infringe on teacher dispositions.

Based on what you have learned and researched in this course, complete the following:

Decide whether or not you believe in the creation of an educational code of ethics.

Create a presentation to summarize and defend your position using secondary resources.

Include the following based on your position:

Why a code would or would not address personal and community values
Whether a code would or would not assist in professional decision making
How a code would or would not assist in the potential conflict of ethical and legal concerns
A reference page formatted consistent with APA guidelines

Preview of the answer..

Codes of ethics for educators assist in controlling and governing the professional values of their profession. An educator has powers over the students given to them by their profession. Many are the times one can misuse their powers and that are why codes of ethics are important in education, (N.E.A.U.S. & C.P.E., 1963). Codes define the ultimate aims of the profession and they provide a sense of direction. Additionally, codes describe the best standard students care practice above the minimum acceptable. This helps the educators to know the standards they are supposed to maintain and they..

APA 680 words

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