Evaluate and describe the quality of your colleague’s argument. How did he or she use the literature to support the statements made? Do you agree with the argument? Why, or why not?

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Details: Evaluate and describe the quality of your colleague’s argument. How did he or she use the literature to support the statements made? Do you agree with the argument? Why, or why not? What insights did your colleague include which you had not considered? What might you suggest your colleague consider which was not included? Please use your research to support your assertions.  (SEE SHARON’S POST BELOW)

The issue’s Behind Drug Use.
Drug use has been around for long centuries. Drug abuse can be a painful experience for the individual, family, and friends, and they can feel helpless when watching a loved one face this crisis. Not understanding addiction can cause people to be judgemental because they don’t understand why or how people become addicted to drugs or alcohol. In reality, drug addiction is a complex disease, and quitting takes more than good intentions or strong will (NIDA, 2018). The reason is drug alters the brain in ways that make it hard to stop because it changes the brain chemistry, and the brain has to be retrained. There are all sorts of ways to get drugs, and it doesn’t have to be illegal people. Some are prescribed. There are many reasons people turn to drugs, for example, break-ups, financial problems, the death of a loved one, and bad association with the wrong group of people. Drugs have been a societal problem since before our time. Grain fermented into ethyl alcohol and natural substance that produce a euphoria that produces cocaine pain relief morphine and altered states of consciousness for divination (Advokat, 2018).
Drug abuse can be expensive, more than ½ a trillion dollars yearly. This cost includes unemployment, academic failure, especially public health (Advokat, 2018). Certain drugs will affect mood, consciousness, cognition, or behavior. Partaking in psychoactive substances can be harmful. The scary part of this for an employer would be risking others when employing someone using drugs. Individuals using drugs for recreation purposes show poor judgment and bad decision making and can have adverse social consequences. On the other hand, if a drug is prescribed for someone with ADHD and needed that medication to function correctly, that is positive.
Pharmacokinetics the way drugs are moving through the body. There are several ways absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion are ways drugs can enter the body and how fast some drugs take more quickly than others to enter the bloodstream. For example, using needles and snorting will enter the bloodstream faster the pills and capsules.
There are different cultures; two cultures are the subculture and counter culture. The counter-culture is known as recreational substance abuse. For example, this culture focuses on one drug, and this group rarely allows newcomers in their environment but are comfortable sharing between themselves. A subculture is a group that is together for one purpose, and that’s the risks of incorporation one life, and that’s the drug in question. This group can include friends, gangs, etc.

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